10 reasons not to attend AutoSens in Detroit this May

If you’re thinking about attending AutoSens this Spring, think again. There’s a possibility it’s not the event for you, because…

  1. There is nothing new for you to learn; you know it all
  2. You don’t want to shape the future of vehicle perception
  3. You have already created the best autonomous vehicle which can’t be improved
  4. You are not someone who can be inspired
  5. You are not involved in the automotive or technology industry
  6. You’re too busy
  7. You couldn’t care less about the challenges engineers are having
  8. You can worry about it all next year
  9. There’s no point in networking with the trailblazers of the industry
  10. You don’t take the future of the industry that seriously afterall

Do you agree? Over 150 attendees have already made the decision not to let any of the reasons above prevent them from attending the worlds leading ADAS technology event. Will you?

Join Texas Instruments, IAV, Continental, Intel, Ford and many more

Book your tickets to beat the rush and get the best price to attend. Delegate tickets currently cost $849, so book before May 12 and save yourself $100.

Program announced

AutoSens has released the full conference programme of events, agenda and detailed line-up of the industry’s most renowned technical experts covering the very latest essential topics in vehicle perception technology.

The event in Detroit will attract a global audience of 350+ technical experts and engineers, attending from disciplines including cameras, LiDAR, radar, image processing, computer vision, in-car networking, testing and validation, certification and standards. With workshops, vehicle demonstrations, conference sessions and exhibition; the event provides the perfect environment to foster collaboration through a culture of openness, sharing and discussion.