• About the Academy
  • Why should I join?
  • What will I learn?
  • How does it work?

About the Academy

AutoSens Academy is a new expert-led training platform, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the technologies involved in ADAS and autonomous vehicle perception systems, designed for experienced engineers and managers plus those new to the sector.
  • 1 course comprising 12 core modules
  • New up-to-date content released every month
  • Mix of pre-recorded video, self-guided learning, and interactive sessions
  • Benefit from access to the AutoSens conference archive
  • Review learning and discuss technical topics in a dedicated forum
  • Meet industry peers in our unique online community platform
  • Be a better engineer and leader by understanding the full ADAS tech stack
  • Pay £1,999 and get 18 months access
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modules delivered over 48 weeks


expert instructors


hours of recorded video content


hours of interactive group learning


discussion forum

Why should I join?

Ignite your career

Learning more about the full process chain will make you a better individual engineer or manager and will help you contribute to developing better systems and components.

Build relationships

Enter the AutoSens Academy Alumni community: build and maintain the most relevant, valuable connections to advance your career.

Totally unique

Broaden and deepen your knowledge of all ADAS and AV technologies with Autosens Academy's focused and unique training programme delivered by world-leading experts.

Get interactive

Our fully interactive platform incorporates a mix of different learning methods. You can track your progress through the course, with access to the materials for 18 months.

Improve your knowledge

Accelerate your development and learning in all things ADAS, autonomous vehicle perception systems and computer vision technology.

When you need it

Learn at your own pace, access support and training when you need it via the AutoSens Academy training platform.

World-class instructors

To be the best, learn from the best. Our trainers are world-class practitioners from every discipline across sensors and image processing, willing to share their expertise and insights on how to create the best solutions.

Full supply chain

Understand the full ADAS and AV process chain to design the best systems and components for your customers.

Who is it for?

This course is packed with knowledge and information of great value to all engineers – if you work in vehicle perception already, this course is definitely for you, but it will also be valuable for new entrants.

What will I learn?

The 12-module course covers all the core technical elements of building an ADAS or Autonomous Vehicle perception system. It is designed for engineers and technologists from different backgrounds, wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of the full perception system design, manufacture and operation.

Course Modules:

How does it work?

The Academy course has 12 modules, and takes a year to complete. You can join at any time for access to all 12 modules, and receive access to all the content for 18 months. Each module is taught by an expert tutor. As an AutoSens Academy alumnus you’ll get ongoing support and maintain valuable connections with relevant peers in this exclusive online community.

Module Structure

Each module is structured across 4 weeks and includes video content, and interactive instructor session, reading material, exercises and an assessment. The modules combine guided and interactive learning, and are designed to be challenging whilst being flexible to fit your schedule. 

Week 1 - Tutorials

3 hours of bitesize learning videos, delivered in 20 minute sessions. Studied at your own pace - with access to a background reading list and an archive of relevant AutoSens presentations.

Week 2 - Exercises

Coursework exercises, which will assess your learning from Week 1 and help prepare for the interactive session in Week 3.

Week 3 - Interaction

Instructor-led 4-hour interactive session. Breakout sessions with fellow tutees, with specific tasks relating to the module topic.

Week 4 - Review

Review your progress, network and discuss with your peers. End of module assessment and certification on successful completion.

Explore the Course Guide

Download the easy-to-read course guide, providing everything you need to know about the 2021 AutoSens Academy Training Course – an intermediate-level programme on the fundamentals of technical disciplines required to build the latest ADAS or autonomous vehicle system.

This course guide contains and provides answers on:

  • Information about the course topics, tutors and module details
  • Our unique teaching methodology
  • Why you should invest in training
  • Why choose the AutoSens Academy

About the Course
Our 12 module programme, delivered online over 12 months has been designed for engineers and technologists from a variety of backgrounds.

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