Agenda in Brussels

Program for AutoSens in Brussels

The AutoSens agenda in Brussels gets right to the heart of the challenges facing vision system engineers of today and tomorrow. Our content is geared to provide insight, generate discussion, and propose solutions for shared challenges in ADAS and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies. We have a range of workshops, demonstration sessions, high level presentations and panel discussion for engineers and research managers working on vehicle perception.

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Agenda for Brussels in 2020

Agenda Topics from 2019

Themes addressed in 2019 included:

  • Developments in sensor technologies, including camera monitoring systems, LIDAR, radar, and time-of-flight imaging
  • Functional safety and testing, including real world versus virtual validation
  • Driver and compartment monitoring on the way towards autonomous vehicles
  • Image quality and standardisation
  • How to improve the performance and safety of automated vehicles
  • Image and signal processing requirements
  • How computer vision affects camera design and SOC design
  • Incorporating AI and deep learning into embedded systems

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