Agenda in Detroit

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Program for AutoSens in Detroit

The AutoSens agenda gets right to the heart of the challenges facing vision system engineers of today and tomorrow. The conference provides insight, generates discussion, and proposes solutions for shared challenges in ADAS and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies. We have a range of tutorials, demonstration sessions, high level presentations and panel discussions for engineers and research managers working on vehicle perception.

We all know that the long-term plan is to bring fully autonomous vehicles to the masses, and the AutoSens Advisory Board have been assembled to ensure that these meeting agendas are relevant to the current hardware and software engineering challenges faced by OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies.

Agenda for Detroit in 2020

Agenda Topics for 2020

Themes to be addressed in 2020 include:

  • The current status of image quality and camera performance
  • Interior sensing regulations
  • The efficiency of AI algorithms
  • Technical case studies on sensor hardware across camera, LiDAR and RADAR modalities
  • Cybersecurity, safety requirements and risk management
  • Safety implications for sensor architecture
  • Challenges for automotive SerDes technologies
  • ISP for machine vision
  • Deep Learning approaches and development areas for automotive
  • Software engineering challenges in perception and sensor fusion

Plenary sessions will also explore:

  • M&A and venture investing in the ADAS and AD Sectors
  • Whether China will be self-sustaining for autonomous vehicle technology
  • How we can best promote AV innovation through regulation while ensuring public safety
  • High level views of how far we are technically and scientifically away from realising true quality perception

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