Agenda in Detroit

Programme for AutoSens in Detroit

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Agenda Topics for 2020

Themes to be addressed in 2020 include:

  • The current status of image quality and camera performance
  • Interior sensing regulations
  • The efficiency of AI algorithms
  • Technical case studies on sensor hardware across camera, LiDAR and RADAR modalities
  • Cybersecurity, safety requirements and risk management
  • Safety implications for sensor architecture
  • Challenges for automotive SerDes technologies
  • ISP for machine vision
  • Deep Learning approaches and development areas for automotive
  • Software engineering challenges in perception and sensor fusion

Plenary sessions will also explore:

  • M&A and venture investing in the ADAS and AD Sectors
  • Whether China will be self-sustaining for autonomous vehicle technology
  • How we can best promote AV innovation through regulation while ensuring public safety
  • High level views of how far we are technically and scientifically away from realising true quality perception

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