An Interview with Phantom AI’s CEO & Co Founder, Dr. Hyunggi Cho.

1. Can you give us a brief overview about Phantom AI and it's approach to developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)?

My interest in ADAS began when I was studying robotics and autonomous driving at Carnegie Mellon University. It evolved into a passion while working on several aspects of computer vision as a Senior Control Engineer for the Tesla Autopilot R&D division. As much as I enjoyed the corporate culture, I was always drawn to the fast-paced world of startups since I had an entrepreneurial mindset and innate drive for innovation.

The inception of Phantom AI began when I met my co-founder Chan Kyu Lee at a Tesla cafeteria in 2016. We shared a mutual passion for exploring the untapped capabilities of early ADAS solutions. In January 2017, we started Phantom AI based on our commitment to democratize the use of ADAS in order to reduce accidents, save lives and make driving more enjoyable. We haven’t looked back since then.

At Phantom AI, we’re developing a comprehensive autonomous driving platform featuring computer vision, sensor fusion, and control capabilities. With the mission to democratize the use of ADAS, we’ve constructed the most accurate and highest-performing AI technology available for Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs. Our primary products include PhantomVision™, PhantomDrive™, and PhantomFusion™. We aren’t satisfied with the industry standard of AV/ADAS features, so our team is constantly building new technologies and algorithms to ensure our autonomous driving platform is as precise and reliable as we promise. Overall, our ADAS software is filling a vital market gap for highly affordable, effective, and innovative driver-assisted technology to make driving and the road safer for all.

2. Why is focusing on Level 2 and 3 ADAS technology the first essential step to achieving full autonomy?

I believe that the automotive industry’s fixation with full autonomy is unwise since we haven’t seen or implemented the full capabilities of level 2 and 3 ADAS technology at the scale that is required. Autonomous driving is for convenience, and I’m not opposed to those benefits. Still, automated driving cannot be guaranteed without having foolproof assisted driving solutions in place. We must prioritize democratizing features such as automatic emergency braking and emergency lane support to protect individuals inside and outside the vehicle.

3. Since fully autonomous driving is still years away, what solutions are Phantom AI focusing on to make driving more convenient and safer?

At Phantom AI, we unite automotive-grade ADAS technology with a suite of AI products for superior quality and reliable driver assistance solutions. Our core product is PhantomVision, a flexible, scalable, and reliable deep learning-based computer vision solution. PhantomVision’s multi-camera systems cover a 360-degree view from the vehicle, supporting vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and traffic signals in autonomously identifying road objects and complex traffic directions.

We also built PhantomFusion and PhantomDrive, which are sensor fusion and vehicle control solutions that predict the motion of detected objects to make safe and effortless car movements.

Incorporating these solutions will make driving more convenient because it equips drivers with safety features that eliminate the stress of navigating difficult traffic circumstances.

4. What sets Phantom AI apart from it's competitors?

Our winning formula includes a combination of advanced automotive and AI expertise coupled with our unique approach to developing ADAS platforms. 75% of our engineers have worked with multiple automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. This is important since our engineers are well-equipped to address and resolve evolving issues that arise with ADAS technology. For instance, our team assembled our own AI engine, Phantom Inference Engine (PiE), allowing us to outperform our competitors in deep learning processing with advanced tracking algorithms for superior accuracy and detection.

5. What are some of the most exciting use cases you see for AV/ADAS platforms in the future?

The ADAS market still holds unlimited opportunities for computer vision, sensor fusion, and vehicle control software technologies for automakers. The essential use case I see for ADAS is increased road safety. Today’s consumers understand the hazards of distracted driving and want assistance staying alert. According to a recent survey by IIHS, most drivers said they would feel safer if equipped with ADAS – by implementing accurate assisted driving technology, deadly accidents stemming from human oversights can decrease significantly.

6. How is Phantom AI's advanced computer vision technology helping driver and pedestrian safety?

The power of computer vision is unmatched, and we developed the most advanced technology to protect drivers and pedestrians. Our camera feature has the best exposure control for daytime and nighttime driving, giving drivers more awareness of their surroundings even when driving through a dark tunnel. We also utilize optimal data for all types of corner cases and effective deep learning systems with sophisticated tracking algorithms to accurately detect other vehicles and objects. All together, these advanced elements of computer vision are helping people drive safely and effortlessly.

7. What exciting industry opportunities do you see for Phantom AI going forward?

With our latest Series C funding, we are determined to give customers the best possible multi-camera vision solutions in the industry while continuing to democratize ADAS integration in all vehicles. We are focused on Level 2 and 3 innovations, and hope to deliver the powerful capabilities of our PhantomVision engine to millions of cars by expanding our partnership with different OEMs. I’m looking forward to seeing our technology save lives and make a difference in the ADAS space.

8. What do you love most about being part of the AutoSens community?

The community is made up of people from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, which fosters a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. It’s an honor to be part of the AutoSens community and network with a world-class group of engineering leaders and innovators who share my passion for ADAS.

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