AutoSens returns to AutoWorld in Brussels for the third in its series of world-class events

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AutoWorld Brussels, Venue for AutoSens in Brussels from 19-21 September 2017

Now established as the world’s most forward-thinking ADAS technology conference, AutoSens makes a welcome return to AutoWorld Brussels from 19-21 September 2017 – a spectacular venue for anyone with a passion for cars. Once again, the perfect backdrop for the continuation of technical discussion concerning the future of vehicle perception technology. With the AutoSens Awards, added venue features and enhanced networking, even previous attendees will have a multitude of new experiences in 2017.

This third edition of AutoSens will attract a global audience of 400+ technical experts and engineers, attending from disciplines including cameras, LiDAR, radar, image processing, computer vision, in-car networking, testing and validation, certification and standards. The 4-day programme includes 6 expert workshops, vehicle demonstrations, 60+ keynote-style conference sessions, 40+ booth exhibition floor, 8 industry awards and a glitzy gala ceremony; providing the ideal environment to foster collaboration through a culture of openness, sharing and discussion.

AutoSens conferences explore the challenges faced by engineers and bring together the trailblazers in the field to solve them. The audience aren’t expected to just sit and listen, but also to participate in the conversation, bring ideas, problems, solutions – and be part of the evolution. These are now a regular meeting of minds to share best practice. They play a vital role in steering the ship of innovation and are essential for staying on the pulse of the latest developments.

Hot topics covered at the September conference include: Camera developments; challenges and emerging applications; sensing beyond the visual spectrum; functional safety testing and validations; sensor fusion; imaging standards; quality and benchmarking; and image processing requirements.

Robert Stead, Conference Director, highlights the hard work behind the international brand.

“AutoSens has a strong following, backing within the industry and is building a community of dedicated and passionate automotive engineers and technologists.  That same community has a powerful desire to see through the roll out of autonomous vehicle technology.

Last year’s event in Brussels and most recently our US debut in Detroit were the culmination of 2 years’ hard work, and we are very happy with the result. Our team learned a lot along the way and many of those lessons are being applied to create the next generation of events. We have some really exciting things in store so the team and I are looking forward to seeing how the industry responds!”

He continues, “Keeping engineers at the core, AutoSens in Brussels will see an international awards programme and gala dinner in Europe, extended learning through an enhanced series of workshops, continuation of the IEEE P2020 working group activities, and vehicle demos to showcase the latest technology as we develop the ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology community this year.

The European event returns to the Belgian capital city of Brussels and take over not one, but two iconic venues in the city – AutoWorld for the main conference and exhibition and The Atomium for the AutoSens Awards on 20 September.”

Speakers already confirmed for Brussels 2017 include…

  • Philipp Hoffmann, Research, New Technologies and Innovation, Project Leader, BMW Group
  • Heiko Hirschmueller, co-founder, Roboception
  • Erich Ramschak, Sensor Product Manager, ADAS Engineering, AVL
  • Markus Heimberger, System Architect; Senior Expert, Valeo
  • Chris Davies, Head of Technical Superiority, Belron
  • Saskia de Craen, Senior Researcher, SWOV
  • Paul Jennings, Professor, University of Warwick
  • Sheldon Russell, Senior Research Associate, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Junmuk Lee, Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai Autron
  • Erik Vinkhuyzen, Senior Researcher, Nissan Research Center

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Want to find out more? Check out the highlights video which was produced for the AutoSens meeting in September 2016, and provides insight into what the event is all about at AutoWorld Brussels and what participants can expect

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