AutoSensONLINE Agenda

Agenda for AutoSensONLINE


Taking place throughout May, June & July 2020 – the second of our ONLINE offerings in June will feature some of our favourite speakers, alongside brand-new experts providing plenary-level insight into the ADAS, autonomy and vehicle perception space. 

The AutoSensONLINE Series

  • 12-14 May – The Changing Dynamics of ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Development
  • 11-12 June – Advances in Sensors for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles 
  • 14-15 July – Managing Data in ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles 

Agenda for AutoSensONLINE

Topics & Sessions for May Included:

  • Long-format tutorial on Challenges of mass production for AD by Professor Alexander Braun, University of Applied Science Duesseldorf.
  • Expert panel discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the automotive sector, how are automotive companies dealing with the crisis, and what will the long-term effects be for ADAS and autonomous vehicle development? Chaired by Bill Russo, Automobility
  • Update on M&A and venture investing in ADAS and autonomous vehicles – including the latest data from Rudy Burger of Woodside Capital Partners.
  • The latest evaluation of deep learning’s role in the journey towards autonomous driving by Dr Ray Ptucha, Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Technical insights from industry powerhouse Siemens on the biggest challenges the AV supply chain is facing in achieving the desired safe autonomous driving level, and how a virtual V&V framework can alleviate many of these challenges.
  • Understand how consumers are interacting with ADAS features via the latest research from industry experts SBD Automotive.
  • Hear from renowned commentator Dr Phil Koopman and his latest take on the critical topic of safety in testing and development of autonomous products.
  • Danil Prokhorov, Project Lead and Research Manager, Toyota North America will be presenting Requirements-driven Test Generation for Autonomous Vehicles with Machine Learning Components

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