Bright Way Vision make welcome return to AutoSens

Bright Way Vision’s VISDOM won Product of the Year Award at AutoSens in 2020.

Bright Way took the opportunity to thank hosts AutoSens, and the hundreds of industry professionals who voted for them and understand the importance of our product for the future of the automotive industry and safety of all road users.

“After the great success we had last year as winners of the prestigious ‘Product of The Year’ award, we will be returning to this year’s Autosens Detroit to show our all-weather vision technology. We experienced much

Join Bright Way Vision and other technology leaders during the AutoSens conference from 12-13 May 2021.

interest from clients, OEMs and T1s, who are committed to solving the challenges related to driving autonomously at night and during low visibility weather, together amounting to 65% of the year.” shared Eyal Levi, Founder of Bright Way Vision.

He continued, “Bright Way Vision’s camera system ‘VISDOM’ is gradually becoming a standard sensor next to the day camera, in every AV suit.

This year at AutoSens Detroit we will be hosting a technical session on how “The Future of AVs Depends on Non-Stop Vision, Day & Night”, and also presenting our new product configurations for AV Trucks, Trains, as well as full headlight integration. You can also hear directly from Senior Researcher, Fridtjof Stein, at Daimler Truck on how they are looking far ahead with autonomous trucks.


Watch the proud moment for Bright Way Vision when their win was announced