An elite team of deep learning vision experts hope to scoop first place at the AutoSens Awards 2018

Brodmann17 have recently been announced as finalists in the “Software Innovation” category for the AutoSens Awards. Winners will be crowned during an evening ceremony on 19 September at the Atomium, Brussels.

The software innovation award recognises a recent piece of software, technical team or company that has contributed most to the technical development of vehicle perception. Brodmann17 are among 6 other companies in the running for the Award trophy, including Dibotics, Algolux, Civil Maps, Dataspeed Inc, Immervision and Prophesee.

Brodmann17 is a software company, who has developed a deep neural network (DNN) with game-changing technology that can handle deep-learning vision even on low power processors. Their software architecture achieves state of the art accuracy but consumes only a fraction of compute power, enabling more AI production from hardware. The software is designed against the industry’s toughest standards of autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance.

Brodmann17’s VP of Marketing, Keren Bargay comments on the announcement “We are extremely excited and honored to be selected as finalists. We truly believe this can help us enhance our contribution to the future of transportation with our unique AI technology. We provide a transformative DNN-based solution that can run computer vision even on low-power processors. Our patented technology achieves highest detection and recognition rates while requiring unprecedented few compute resources, making it an ideal solution to the most demanding challenges of autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).”

As part of their cooperation with Arm, Brodmann17 have developed an ADAS system running on an Arm CPU A72, utilizing only a single core while maintaining high performance and excellent accuracy. You can watch their live demo on YouTube Brodmann17 has partnered with global OEMs and Tier 1 leaders to define future automotive platforms and applications, such as vehicle and pedestrian detection, based on their innovative approach towards DNN and AI perception software.

Commenting on their shortlisting this year, AutoSens Awards Director, Robert Stead noted, “There’s a lot of noise in the AI and deep learning space at the moment, and Brodmann17 really stood out in the shortlisting process. ADAS and autonomous systems are under huge pressure from a processing point of view, so any approach that simplifies things stands to make a big impact in the market. Brodmann17’s approach is an innovative and interesting development and worthy of recognition in the Awards this year.”

“We are a team of creative geeks passionate about deep learning vision, and we believe we can bring this life-changing technology to the mainstream. We strive to make outstanding advancements in our field and spearhead the technological effort of making the world today a safer place in an affordable way. Winning the AutoSens Award will further expose our technology to a wider audience, and accelerate the impact on the lives of many more people with safer cars and fewer accidents.” comments Bargay.

She continues, “Efficient and safe autonomous vehicle systems require processing videos in high frame rates while maintaining perfect accuracy. Most common solutions today require massive GPU-based hardware and still struggle to achieve high performance without compromising accuracy.

Our pioneering technology can transform such systems into lightweight ones, ensuring perfect accuracy and performance while reducing the required compute power.

We have found the golden path that optimally balances performance, accuracy, hardware constraints and price, and can significantly improve the design of autonomous vehicle systems.”

Join the celebrations at the AutoSens Awards and see who will be crowned the winner of the “Software Innovation” category on 19 September at the Atomium, Brussels. Book tickets here >>