Case Study: Sensing in adverse weather conditions with Veoneer and BrightWay Vision

What happens to self-driving cars if the weather turns bad? Current systems for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Automated Driving (AD) offer comfort and safety in good weather. However, they often fail to sense their surroundings in visibility conditions with heavy rain, snow or fog causing the automated systems to stop their support.

An aligned pair of virtual presentations, which took place during AutoSens’s Brussels edition in September 2020 addressed this very question. The insights provided by both sessions delivered great value for the audience of engineers also looking to tackle this challenge and provoked further thoughts and in-depth discussions.

Sensing in adverse weather conditions by Jan-Erik Kallhammer DENSE Project, Veoneer
Solving Adverse Weather Challenges, from ADAS to L4 with Ofer David, BrightWay Vision

  We need to solve this issue unless we all move to California! exclaimed Jan-Erik Kallhammer, Director Visual Enhancement and Cognitive Systems at Veoneer, before explaining the DENSE project findings, and highlighting that gated imaging solutions could prove a valuable addition to the sensor suite, and potentially negate requirements for LiDAR sensors in series vehicles.

The production team at AutoSens received a related abstract from Ofer David, Co-Founder and CEO of BrightWay Vision with novel and interesting content, so the Advisory Board were happy to approve it for the agenda. The decision was made to pair up the Veoneer presentation from Jan-Erik Kallhammer with BrightWay’s submission to create a powerful presentation formula.

Innovation win is a clear case study addressing a challenge relevant to many in the engineering community with the solution detail consisting of a technical presentation covering the enabling technology for the case study.

This is indeed the Golden Formula both for the AutoSens audience, who get to see an implemented solution, and for the presenters, positioning them as leading innovators.

Making relevant contacts, with relevant people, who can become partners or customers for us, is our prime ambition,” says Ofer David, “and as a direct result of AutoSens we got interest from relevant technical and product management people and leads from persons who interacted with our content.”

As the team look forward to AutoSens conferences in 2021, the event agenda will incorporate this Golden Formula throughout. Pairing up Innovation Wins with Solution Detail presentations, creating the best value proposition for our audience and partners alike.

Delegates respond best to an example of a challenge the industry has faced; demonstrations of the technologies that solve these challenges; and explanation of how those technologies will develop in the future.” Comments Richard Powell, Head of Business Development for AutoSens.

Powell continues, “Interested companies can suggest a partnerOEM or Tier 1 to speak on the Agenda immediately before your presentation. This generates the most enquiries from your potential clients. Best for the delegates, best for the Agenda, best for you.

If you have a product announcement, launch or are in a position to welcome new clients, act now, contact Richard and find out how we can maximise digital business development for you.

There are limited opportunities at AutoSens Detroit edition this May, please contact Richard Powell, [email protected] to find out more about how you could benefit from this approach.