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An Integrated Approach to Creating Functionally Safe Automotive Sensor Systems

As more sensor-based safety critical systems are added to vehicles, the benefits of a standards-based approach for sensor connectivity also increase – and even more so if functional safety requirements are already integrated into that solution.
This presentation will demonstrate how the MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASSSM) framework provides a standardized sensor-to-ECU solution for autonomous driving and ADAS systems with functional safety built into its core. The presentation will describe the MASS framework with specific focus on the functional safety features that have been embedded “throughout the stack,” starting from the Camera Service Extensions (MIPI CSE SM) layer to the baseline MIPI CSI-2® image sensor protocol, to the MIPI A-PHY SM SerDes physical layer. Also highlighted will be upcoming features for CSE and A-PHY, and a discussion of how this solution will enable developers to embed functional safety natively at the ‘edge’ — within the sensor and ECU components themselves.

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