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Automotive High Dynamic Range Image Sensor Advanced Features for Sensing and Viewing Applications

This work focuses on the latest automotive high dynamic range (HDR) image sensors with LED flicker mitigation (LFM) and their advanced features for sensing and viewing applications. Both 3 um and 2.1 um pixel architectures were developed to address flickering LED automotive sources and motion artifacts associated with fast moving objects. Advanced features of these sensors include dual output, 24-26-bit HDR advanced pipelines, different types of binning, and multiple contexts switching.

We highlight how these features are enhancing better sensing systems as well as provide for pleasing visually videos. Especial attention is given to non-bayer color filter array processing into high fidelity color images, enhancing usage of cameras for simultaneous sensing and viewing.

All the latest advances in pixel technology and advanced features enable lower cost and faster time to market surround viewing and sensing solutions, without compromise on performance.

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sergey velichko

Sergey Velichko
Senior Manager

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