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Evaluating Self-Cleaning Sensor Coatings for Autonomous Vehicles Under Inclement Weather

In this talk, the self-cleaning performance of a UV durable hydrophobic (UVH) coating on four types of sensors including vision camera, IR camera, LiDAR, and Radar for autonomous vehicle under four different weathering conditions will be presented. This includes the evaluation results of UVH coatings using a lab testbed under stationary weathering conditions of rain, mud, fog, and bug, and a mobile testbed under outdoor weathering, such as snow. The presentation will describe key matrices for self-cleaning coatings, and the evaluation results of the UVH coatings as-prepared, and 500 hours to 3000 hours after Weather-O-Meter (WOM) testing using the ASTM D7869 method. Current results point to a significant benefit of using UVH coatings to improve the signal reading of sensors under inclement weather.

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Hear from:

peter votruba

Peter Votruba-Drzal
Director, Global Research and Product Development, Automotive, Industrial, and Mobility
PPG Industries

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