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The emergence of event cameras for automotive applications

An event camera, or a neuromorphic camera, is an imaging sensor that responds to local changes in brightness. Event cameras do not capture images using a shutter as conventional (frame) cameras do. Instead, each pixel inside an event camera operates independently and asynchronously, reporting changes in brightness as they occur, and staying silent otherwise.
Potential applications include object recognition, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. The US military is considering infrared and other event cameras because of their lower power consumption and reduced heat generation.
Automotive applications are emerging event cameras could be used either for interior and/or exterior applications. It could be applications related to the development of autonomous vehicles but also related to driver monitoring applications. Partnerships between technology providers and automotive players have already started.
This presentation will show the difference between conventional CMOS image sensor architecture and event-based CIS. It will also highlight the different applications where event cameras can be used

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Hear from:

Pierrick Boulay_colour

Pierrick Boulay
Senior Analyst, Photonics and Sensing Division
Yole Developpement

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