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Digital Code Modulation (DCM) Radar for Improved ADAS Safety

This talk compares the characteristics of digital code modulation (DCM) radar to traditional analog modulated radars used today, such as Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radars. The speaker will explain how these radar systems operate, including the transmission, reception, and the associated signal processing employed to determine the distance, velocity, and angle of objects in the environment. By comparing these two radar systems, familiarity with digital radar is enhanced and the potential advantages of digital radar are better appreciated. The speaker will introduce two benchmarks of merit: 1) High Contrast Resolution (HCR), which is critical to resolving small objects next to large objects (e.g., a child in front of a truck), and 2) Interference Susceptibility Factor (ISF), which characterizes a radar’s resilience to self-interference and cross interference. These benchmarks are essential to understanding the value of radar in use cases that are crucial to achieving increased safety for vehicle automation and autonomy.

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Hear from:

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Dr. Arunesh Roy
Senior Director Advanced Applications and Perception

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