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Key Features in Radar Simulation for ADAS/AV

Regardless of Radar type, simulation of the sensor is absolutely essential to reach the goals desired for ADAS and especially levels 4-5 for AV. Some aspects of this required simulation are discussed and how to implement these aspects into a simulation correctly.

Discussion points for Radar simulation include:

  1. World Material Property measurement including Angle of Incidence
  2. Advanced Ray Tracing
  3. Micro Doppler, Ghost Targets and Doppler Ambiguity
  4. Radar placement effects (bumper, grill, etc.)

Finally, a discussion of a cutting edge Hardware-in-the-Loop for radar is also presented.

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Hear from:

Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 12.45.57_tony

Tony Gioutsos
Director Portfolio Development Autonomous Americas

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