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Innovative solutions for optical alignment and testing in mass production of automotive LiDAR sensors

To make the technology available for volume model vehicles, the measurement capability and reliability of LiDAR must be ensured in cost-effective production at large quantities.

A core task in mass production is the assembly of optical, mechanical, and electronic components. The precise alignment of emitting and receiving electronics with projection or imaging objective lenses plays a decisive role here. Tolerances in all components of the sensors prevent the assembly of an optomechanical system by a straightforward mounting process. Alignment requires an automated process with inline feedback on sensor performance to ensure that the required optomechanical parameters are of high quality for each device and within tight tolerances for the entire production.

The paper describes recent developments of different alignment procedures TRIOPTICS has developed for various types of LiDAR systems used in the automotive industry to ensure repeatable and reproducible quality under production requirements.

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Dirk Seebaum
Business Unit Manager

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