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Beyond the Line of Sight: Recent Advancements in Visual Non-Line-of-Sight Perception for Autonomous Vehicles

With the emergence of single-photon sensitive image arrays, new capabilities for autonomous vehicles can be realized, such as improved object detection and tracking in adverse environments and perception beyond the line-of-sight. This talk will provide an overview of this emerging class of image sensors, their complimentary processing algorithms, and the unlocked possibilities for ADAS and autonomous sensing as a whole. Several capabilities are enabled through this new technology and processing approach, including improved performance in simultaneous High Dynamic Range (HDR), fast motion, and low-light scenarios and vision beyond the line-of-sight, including detection of oncoming vehicles at intersections and detection of obstructed pedestrians in parking lots, highways, dense urban environments, and neighborhoods.

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Hear from:

Kirsten Vilcans

Kristen Vilcans

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