Advances in Lidar Test Targets

Automotive OEM’s, their suppliers, and lidar system development teams need calibrated reflectance targets for accurately characterizing the range sensitivity of lidar systems. Diffuse reflectance targets are used for point spread lidar range sensitivity testing across multiple reflectance levels and at lidar system wavelengths. Labsphere continues to develop innovative diffuse reflectance materials and implement advanced calibration techniques to support your lidar testing needs. Join us as we introduce our new diffuse reflectance materials and discuss lidar specific reflectance calibration methods and spectral reflectance calibration technology suitable for companies exploring new lidar wavelengths in response to the industries desire for broader spectral ranges, lower reflectances, more configuration options, and better calibration data. You will learn how test targets, field reflectance meters, and laser power measurement and control systems can help with lidar system validation testing.

Lorne Loudin
Product Manager