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Wrapping up 2021 with AutoSensONLINE


We know how important it is for our whole industry to continue to connect, build relationships, and share the latest news, ideas and technology. At AutoSensONLINE in November we brought together engineers, scientists and academics for vital learning and discussion in a disruptive time for the ADAS and autonomous industry. 

Building on themes and key topics from our Brussels conference, AutoSensONLINE is now available to watch On-Demand at your leisure. Buy access now and you’ll also get all the sessions from AutoSens in Brussels to catch up with when it suits you.

We also have 3 FREE sample sessions available to watch and try before you buy. Including “Best of both: how to use the same image sensors for computer and human vision” from Arm, “The Software Revolution and the Future of In-Vehicle Electronics” from Dell and a panel session on “Is deep learning here to stay?

Available to buy on-demand

Gain access to over 50 technical sessions from our latest AutoSensONLINE edition and AutoSens in Brussels, available to watch for nine months. 

  • Uncover the big issues facing automotive electronics and vehicle perception today, and how this impacts you right now

  • Hear the latest trends and market direction straight from OEM and Tier 1 experts at the heart of ADAS development

  • Connect with leading engineers and technical experts from across the ADAS and autonomous vehicle supply chain

  • Learn how to design and build better ADAS and AV systems to meet tomorrow’s performance requirements

  • Gain knowledge and inspiration from the AutoSens community that will help you improve in your job, your career, and your future role in the industry

  • Understand the limitations of current components, software and systems, and how to mitigate for this

  • Be at the heart of the important technical discussions that will shape the future

Agenda highlights: 

  • Innovations in RADAR

  • Benchmarking Perception Methods

  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning

  • Improving Sensing in Challenging Environments

  • Manufacturing Considerations and Reliable Software Standards

  • Addressing Complexities in ADAS Development

  • Overcoming HD mapping challenges

Technical Presentations

An agenda of diverse content delivered by key players at the very cutting edge of ADAS technology. Key topics include deep learning, sensing, and developments in RADAR and cameras.

Global AutoSens Community

Our online portal offers a range of networking opportunities with an international audience, from group technical discussions to direct messaging within our Community.

Available On-Demand

Watch at your leisure, with all sessions including keynotes and technical panels available for nine months.

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