Paul-Henri Matha

Exterior Lighting, Technical Leader
Volvo Cars

Paul-Henri has a master degree in engineering from Ecole des Mines in France and he now has 20 years’ experience in the automotive lighting field (project leading, management, technical strategy, advanced engineering, innovation, regulation expert). He is currently technical leader in Volvo cars for exterior lighting, Sweden.

Dr. Benjamin Marx

Project Leader Multi-Purpose Camera

Benjamin has a PhD for an assessment procedure for the radar reflections of passenger car bodies at Daimler, and in 2012 he was responsible for radar sensors from various suppliers for active safety functions. His next role was project manager for several radar sensors and since 2019 he has been project manager for multi-purpose camera, which is developed by LGE.

Dr. Youngkyung Park

Vision AI Unit Leader
LG Electronics

Youngkyung Park is a leader of Vision AI Unit at LG Electronics. He was also a project leader of ADAS front camera project from 2017 to 2021. Now, He has 10+ years’ experience in ADAS camera development including project management, perception development and application development. Currently, he and his team focus on developing robust perception algorithms and those applications for automotive cameras. He holds a PhD in computer vision from Sungkyunkwan University.

Sergey Velichko

Sr. Manager, ASD Technology and Product Strategy

Sergey Velichko worked in various teaching and R&D positions at the KPI, Micron Technology, HP, and, starting in 2007, at the ON Semiconductor (former Micron Imaging and Aptina). He authored and co-authored more than 50 publications and 45 issued and pending patents. His interests include intelligent sensor technology and product strategic development, novel imaging pixel architectures, pixel modeling, and innovations in automotive imaging sensor designs. He is a Senior IEEE Member.

Henning Lategahn


Since 2015, Henning has been the founder and CEO of atlatec. Driving the development of 3D mapping technology for autonomous vehicles. From 2013 – 2014 he was Research Associate at Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Institute of Technology working on autonomous driving. He has a PHD from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology working on autonomous driving (mapping and localization in particular) and studied computer science in Aachen and Finland.

Firas Lethaus

Head, Deep Learning Expert Center, Software Innovation Center, Data Lab
VW Group

Firas Lethaus is Head of the Deep Learning Expert Center at the Volkswagen DATA:LAB Munich. From 2015 to 2018, he worked at AUDI AG in the development division of automated driving, where he also headed the Competence Center Machine Learning and served as AI coordinator for automated driving. From 2005 to 2015, Firas worked at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Prior to DLR, he worked in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, applied cybernetics, statistics, psychophysics, eyetracking, and psycholinguistics at the Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre, University of Birmingham, UK, and as a freelancer. 

Larry Vivolo

Lawrence Vivolo

Senior Business Development Manager
Dell Technologies

Lawrence Vivolo brings more than 30 years in high-technology design, marketing and business expertise to his role as Senior Business Development Manager for Automotive and Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing for Dell Technologies, Unstructured Data Solutions division. He holds a BSEE from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and an MBA from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.

Robin Jenkin

Principal Image Quality Engineer

Experienced imaging scientist with emphasis on imaging quality analysis, modeling, and technical assessment. Proven record of delivering high volume, high quality consumer imaging products. Board of Directors and Vice President, Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T). IEEE P2020 Secretary and Project 2 Image Quality for Viewing Lead. Co-author to 10th Edition “The Manual of Photography” published December 2010. Accredited Senior Image Scientist and Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society. Senior Member SPIE. Private Pilot – SEL. 

Matthew Hellewell

Matthew Hellewell

Principal Image Quality Engineer

As the image quality lead for ISP Engineering in Arm, Matthew Hellewell specializes in applying image quality theory to image signal processor design and testing, as well as developing strategies and software tools to enable drivers and computer vision systems to extract maximum value from every frame. Matthew has 6 years of experience in ISP development – the fast progress of image sensor technology and novel applications are what make working in the automotive industry exciting and rewarding for him and his team.

Vinayak Nagpal


Vinayak co-founded Zendar in May 2017 to develop advanced imaging radars for autonomous systems. Zendar has demonstrated software defined imaging radar that matches Lidar in resolution without increasing system cost. Zendar is backed by Tier-1 Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Prior to this, Vinayak developed instruments for radio astronomy imaging that enabled projects like the first sub-millimeter images of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Vinayak got his PhD in EE from UC Berkeley in 2012, he has held research positions at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Nokia Bell Labs

Shane Elwart


Shane Elwart is the founder of NIFT with the goal to democratize the autonomous vehicle. He designed, and demonstrated a purpose built autonomous/electric/accessible vehicle with his family in just over 100 days prior to forming NIFT LCC. He is
currently developing the business and working to build a US based company to provide driverless transportation for the masses from his hometown in Belleville, Michigan. Before forming NIFT LLC, he led global developments in ADAS and AV at two of the worlds largest OEM’s. 

sebastian frisch

Sebastian Frisch

Development Engineer

Sebastian Frisch is a development engineer for TRIOPTICS. Before joining in September 2020, he achieved the title Master of science by submitting his thesis “Development of a localization method based on a stereo camera, machine learning and object detection for autonomous vehicles”.  In 2019 Sebastian started working as a student assistant for a research group at the Hamburg University of Applied Science.. Since he joined TRIOPTICS he has been working on different projects involving alignment and testing of optical sensors such as cameras and LiDAR sensors. 


Phil Magney

VSI Labs

Phil is President and Founder of VSI Labs. VSI provides custom and syndicated information on vision and sensing solutions used for automotive ADAS applications. VSI’s syndicated solutions include the Vision Systems Profiler, a database of sensors, controllers, and modules. Phil Magney is a well-respected automotive consultant and senior manager with over 25 years of experience with core specialties in automotive ADAS, infotainment and mobile computing. 

Neil Trevett

Vice President of Developer Ecosystems
NVIDIA, speaking as President, Khronos Group

At NVIDIA Neil helps enable applications to take advantage of advanced GPU and silicon acceleration. Neil is also the elected President of the Khronos Group, where he initiated the OpenGL ES standard now used by billions worldwide every day, helped catalyze the WebGL project to bring interactive 3D graphics to the Web, fostered the creation of the glTF standard for 3D assets, chairs the OpenCL working group defining the open standard for heterogeneous parallel computation, and helped establish and launch the new-generation Vulkan API. 

Chris Yates


Chris Yates is the current President of the European Machine Vision Association, having held the role since January 2020 and having been elected to the Board in 2018. 

Chris is also Director at Vision Ventures, company specialized in M&A and corporate transactions in automated imaging, machine vision, and computer vision. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in industry with a focus on early-stage technology in multiple start-up companies. 

Mayank Mangla

Imaging Systems Architect
Texas Instruments

Mayank Mangla is an imaging engineer, leading camera R&D for Texas Instruments Embedded Processors. He has been passionate about image science from days when digital cameras had just arrived on the horizon. Over the years he has been instrumental in 100s of millions of cameras reaching the consumers. His current research interests include application of imaging and computer vision in ADAS and Robotics.

Laurent Pinchart

Company Owner
Ideas on Board

Laurent Pinchart is the founder and CEO of Ideas on Board, a company specialized in delivering camera and display solutions for Linux across all markets. With 20 years of experience as a Linux kernel developer and maintainer, Laurent has driven the design of the Linux kernel camera API and has participated in multiple industry working groups to standardize camera protocols. Most recently, he has started the libcamera® project to give Linux a full camera stack in collaboration with silicon vendors and OEMs.

Dima Sosnovsky

Principal System Architect

First, Dima worked in the aerospace industry, in particular developing electro-optical and laser-based systems. 
He joined Innoviz Technologies about a year after it was founded, as the second System Engineer in the company, and over the years reached the position of System Engineering Group Manager.
Currently, Dima is working in Huawei Israel as Principal Automotive Sensors System Architect, to define Next Gen LiDARs design.

Dominique Bonte

Managing Director and Vice President
ABI Research

Managing Director and Vice President, leads ABI Research’s end markets research team, which covers intelligent transportation, automotive, smart mobility, smart home, smart healthcare, industrial internet, enterprise, smart cities and retail. Personal focus areas include smart cities, Mobility as a Service, autonomous vehicles, connected cars, use of blockchain, cybersecurity and AI in automotive, in-vehicle infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and cooperative systems, usage-based insurance, and commercial telematics. 

Sinisa Durekovic

Architect, Extended Environment Model

Sinisa Durekovic is working on applications of Digital Maps in Automotive since 1996. Among other projects, Sinisa lead design and development of the ADASIS v2 Automotive Protocol, was Technical Lead responsible for NAVTEQ/HERE ADAS Research Platform as well as Chief Engineer Navigation Core in Harman Automotive. Between 2015 and 2020 Sinisa was leading development of the Map Subsystem for Autonomous Driving for several companies including Apple, Intel and AID/VW. Currently, he is Software Architect for Extended Environment Model at CARIAD (VW Group).

Danil Prokhorov

Project Leader and Research Manager
Toyota Tech Center

Dr. Danil V. Prokhorov received his Diploma in Robotics with Honors from the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Russia, in 1992. He then worked in the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation. After receiving Ph.D. in 1997, he joined the staff of Ford Scientific Research Laboratory, Dearborn, Michigan. He has been involved in research and planning for various intelligent technologies at Toyota Tech Center (TTC), Ann Arbor, MI since 2005. Since 2011 he has been in charge of future research department in Toyota Motor North America R & D.

Günter Reichart


Dr. Günter Reichart received a diploma in electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) and graduated from TU München as Dr.-Ing. in 2000. He was with BMW from 1987-2008, where he was responsible, among others, for vehicle research and electronics in series development for almost 21 years. From 2008-2018 he was doing consulting for numerous companies and is also lecturing at the university of the military services at Neubiberg. Dr. Reichart was the initiator of AUTOSAR and was involved from the very beginning in the founding of the development partnership AUTOSAR. He is since April 2019 AUTOSAR spokesperson.

Dengxin Dai

Group Leader, Vision for Autonomous Systems Group
MPI for Infomatics

Dengxin Dai is a Senior Researcher at MPI for Informatics and head of the “Vision for Autonomous System” Group. He is also a Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich and leads the research group TRACE-Zurich working on Autonomous Driving. He and his team focus on developing robust perception algorithms under all weather and lighting conditions. His work on semantic scene understanding under fog and at nighttime has gained quite some traction. 

Jonathan Horgan

Deep Learning and Computer Vision Architecture Manager/Valeo Senior Expert
Valeo Vision Systems

Jonathan Horgan is a Computer Vision and Deep Learning Architecture Manager and Senior Expert at Valeo Vision Systems. He has worked in the field of computer vision for over 16 years with a focus over the last 10 years on automotive computer vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), automated parking and automated driving. He has led series production developments of state of the art computer vision functions for many large automotive OEMs including BMW, Daimler, and Jaguar Land Rover. He is now working on next generation advanced computer vision and deep learning with the ultimate goal of achieving fully autonomous driving and parking.

Szabolcs Fulop

Director of Engineering

Szabolcs Fulop started his work in the computer vision domain 17 years ago, he spent more than a decade designing microchips for digital cameras and various mobile devices. For the last 6 years he is working to bring all his imaging and chip design know how in the in-cabin sensing space. He spends most of his time innovating, fusing technologies and sensors, managing a group of very talented researchers, who develops the technology that will enable extraordinary experiences that customers are looking for. He is convinced that on our roads, more and more cars will appear, carrying the technology developed by him and his team.

Charbel Rizk

Founder, CTO and CEO

Dr. Rizk is the Founder CEO CTO of Oculi and Associate Research Professor at Johns Hopkins ECE. He was also a Principal Professional Staff and Innovation Lead at JHU APL. He has had numerous intellectual property filings (non-defense), and received 12 achievement/recognition awards. He has been recognized as a top innovator, thought leader, and successful Principal Investigator / S&T manager. He was a pioneer in autonomous systems and led a small team that developed and demonstrated the first four-rotor (quad rotor) UAV system in the early 90’s. He is considered an expert in signal and image processing, machine vision and learning or AI, sensors, intelligent systems and controls, robotics and mechatronics, autonomy, and systems engineering. Dr. Rizk has demonstrated a collaborative spirit, successfully working with various FFRDC’s, government labs, academia, and industry of various sizes. He also made key contributions during his time at Rockwell Aerospace, McDonald Douglas, and Boeing. He is a senior member of IEEE, AIAA, and a member of AUVSI, EAA, and OSA.

Gonen Barkan

Group Leader, Radar Development & Domain Processing