How to turn great innovation into new business
What's the best approach for maximising digital events?

"In the digital world, it’s all about being relevant. "

Your technology is great, right?

You’ve got lots to talk about, and there are lots of ways to get exposure via online right now via webinars, podcasts, online conferences etc. 

But what good is ‘being out there’ if you don’t get any new business? How do you ensure all the work you put into your marketing and new product development content yields results in terms of hot leads, new business discussions, and revenue? 

Here at Sense Media after all the testing and developing we did last year we have created our own platform and developed best practice to address both issues. In the digital world, it’s all about being relevant.

Vendors can present their latest tech, but in the end, unless it’s part of the bigger story the response may well be so what?”. There are any number of online exhibitions going on this year as event companies continue to run as digital, but our experience and research show that they don’t drive as much traffic as you would like. Online ‘exhibitions’ don’t work, period. 

AutoSens is different

Our events are structured to provide solutions to real challenges facing the engineering community. The agenda is researched with our expert advisory board and your industry peers. With AutoSens it’s not just about giving you a platform, we go that extra mile to position all our technology partners as effective solution providers. 

This means we provide genuinely interested, relevant leads that give you the best chance of converting. It’s not a numbers game, it’s about quality. To see a great example of exactly how we do this, check out our case study. 

How does it work?

Our tried and tested methodology will position your technical capabilities alongside a successful case study, innovation win, or problem statement content session from an end user, panel, or industry analyst. We make your solution relevant by making it part of a story that’s as much about the challenge as the solution, and addressing the challenge is what draws in other prospects. 

Curated content

Experience shows that audience of engineers, research managers and technical experts are problem solvers. Our approach centres on this to create the best conditions for engaging your audience.

It seems simple, but it’s not so straightforward to achieve in reality. You need in depth industry knowledge, and an agenda that addresses the technical challenges with authority. You aren’t going to find that at a mass- produced trade show. But at AutoSens, by combining our extensive

 industry connections and technical community with a detailed understanding of your product capabilities, who you are currently working with and targeting for the future, we can build a model for success that will not only give you great exposure as a solution provider, but also generate opted in, highly interested leads for your sales team. 

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out, so we work with our partners as deeply as possible to help generate the best ROI for you. 

Challenge and discuss

An OEM/ Tier 1 shows a challenge they have faced, or we host a discussion on a specific technology bottleneck shared by the entire industry.

Solve the problem

Your session follows, and talks about your technology or research that helps to solve these challenges.

See conversions

The audience is far more engaged, and converts at a higher rate, helping to generate the best ROI for you.

Make those meetings

We are all frustrated that it’s not so easy to connect with people online as at a physical conference. We aren’t going to pretend we have a magic solution to that, but we have studied this a lot and we have seen that during digital conferences meetings are attempted on the day, compared to in-person conferences where meetings are often set in advance. We’ve maximised our platform to make this as easy for our partners as possible.

Share the love

As a partner you have unlimited free promo codes to give existing and potential clients from OEMs and Tier 1s.

Lightening speed

You will have a URL to directly access your presentation, making it simple to get special hosts and your guests there faster.

Keep it simple

Set meetings either within the event platform itself, or in your own online meeting software of preference.

It's about presence

Our highly-tuned platform is built to make the most of your brand presence, with in-depth targeting to create high-quality leads and the best audience experience. It’s streamlined to focus on directing delegates to your content (registering interest/ watching live/On Demand) and downloading material, so you can be confident your message is getting across to the right people. 

Quality Assured

At Sense Media, we place quality at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by providing quality, relevant content for our community we can best serve both end users and our partners. Every engineer needs help from the supply chain to develop better technology, and we are proud to play a role in making those connections and driving automotive technology forwards to save lives the world over.