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In-Cabin Activity Recognition: How Do You Actually Do It?

Activity recognition is a crucial part of In-Cabin Sensing. It not only helps detect if an occupant is inattentive, it also helps gain a full scene understanding of what is happening in a car. This enables a variety of safety, comfort, wellness and entertainment functions.

Robust activity recognition in a car requires the fusion of different low-level algorithms that each have their unique strengths. This talk will give insight into the steps involved in developing an activity recognition system — from data collection and annotation to integration on a System on Chip. Mona will talk about the challenges of doing activity recognition.  How does one define the boundaries of an activity on a temporal basis? Mona will show examples from activity recognition modules that she has developed and is looking to work on in the future.

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Hear from:

Mona Beikirch

Mona Beikirch
Senior Research Engineer
Smart Eye

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