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Reliable In Cabin awareness for occupant safety via multi-sensor fusion 2D & 3D

Current 2D IR DMS systems (2022) and upcoming next generation 2D RGB/ IR OMS systems (≈2025) are expected to rely fully on 2D information. This is a good first step for OEMs to integrate a camera inside the car to monitor head and eye state to alert the driver in case of drowsiness or lack of attention.

Sony believes that in the future, advanced occupant state and context awareness will be needed to achieve a safer in-cabin.

Such a system will allow to detect individual seating positions or out of positioning, diverse occupant characteristics like body volume, body size, age or gender, as well as proximity to airbags/ headrest/ steering wheel. This information will enable personalized and situation-aware safety systems that enhance safety for all occupant categories and not only a predefined category.

Relying only on 2D sensing for safety critical features, is in Sony’s opinion not sufficient to achieve the availability and reliability requirement for a future safe in cabin. Instead, redundancy and several modalities are necessary and will be discussed in this presentation.

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Hear from:

Jan-Martin Juptner

Jan-Martin Juptner
Business Development Manager – Automotive
Sony Depthsensing Solutions

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