Flying Through The World of LiDAR Tutorial

About this Session
This tutorial will be conducted at all altitudes as we spend our two hours together moving at the speed of light (pun intended) at 100K’ feet looking at the LiDAR supplier ecosystem and the latest OEM market requirements.  When we are about ¼ of the way on our journey we will drop down and discuss LiDAR system design tradeoffs and review system level simulations to determine the best system level design best practices for several short and long range use cases.  As we approach the last portion of the tutorial we will go down right to the top of the trees and crack open a detailed 16 channel reference design for a scanning LiDAR system complete with schematics and BOMs.  Safely back on the ground we will open it up for a lively Q&A with our expert speakers:

Topic List:

  • State of the LiDAR ecosystem & critical OEM requirements
  • Design tradeoffs to achieve cost, performance, and time to market  
  • Detector physics; how do the various approaches work 
  • Automotive Qualification; Challenges in the real world for LiDAR detectors
  • Schematic reviews on LiDAR reference design for readout, power, and optical paths

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