Latest speakers announced for AutoSens 2016

All AutoSens speakers are chosen for their technical expertise, to deliver dynamic presentations, with high level technical content, analysis and most of all opinion. Our speakers’ opinions count, and we encourage them to share their views.

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Announcing the latest additions to the AutoSens agenda, Conference Director Rob Stead confirmed three more speakers covering more of the sector’s in-demand topics:  “LiDAR is a pivotal topic for the future of ADAS and autonomous driving, and I’m delighted to have Dr Ariel Lipson representing General Motors in that session. Similarly, as the number of applications and companies involved in developing ADAS technology grows, there is an increasing need for open source software platforms and one of the leading figures in this movement, Dr Andrew Richards of Codeplay, will give the latest information and insight.”

“The human interface between ADAS and the driver also grows in importance as we aim towards level 3 automation, SoftKinetic will be represented by Co-Founder Eric Krzeslo to talk about how 3D imaging technology can deliver a high level of understanding of driver state and behaviour.”

Assessing future opportunities and challenges with LiDAR adoption for vehicle perception

  • State of play – current devices, costs, and forecast developments
  • Advantages of LiDAR-enabled perception
  • Technical challenges for LiDAR – interference, form factor etc.
  • Alternative technologies / approaches and future outlook

Dr Ariel Lipson, Senior Optics Researcher, General Motors, Israel

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3D depth-sensing for automotive: bringing awareness to the next generation of (autonomous) vehicles
Eric Krzeslo, Co-Founder, SoftKinetic, Belgium

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The Necessary Open Standards enabling Vision Processing in ADAS

  • The benefits of Open Standards and relevance for automotive vision processing
  • Bringing OpenCLTM and SYCLTM into the frame
  • Faster development and high performance with Codeplay’s vision library

Dr Andrew Richards, Founder and CEO, Codeplay Software, UK

Plus, see below for previously announced speakers…


Sensing and Perception Technologies for Automated Driving – Road from Concept to Production

Dr Wende Zhang, BOM Family Owner of Viewing Systems, General Motors, USA

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Balancing between safety and fast moving technology: A practical note on developing ADAS and Self Driving cars at a startup

Bibhrajit Halder, Technical Specialist ADAS Self-Driving, Faraday Future

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Virtual engineering for computer vision

Anna Gaszczak, Research Lead Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover, UK

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Development and trends of mobile cameras that could impact automotive vision

Pierre Cambou, Activity Leader Imaging, Yole Développement, France

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Filling the gaps in vehicle automation definitions – Near-accident vehicle automation

Tom Michael Gasser, German Federal Highway Research Institute BASt, Germany

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A low-cost and innovative radar “digital eye”

Dr Bernard Casse, Area Manager of the Metamaterial Devices, Hardware Systems Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), USA

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Disruptive automotive technology for megapixel video imaging

Dr Feng Kuo, CTO, Techpoint, USA

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