LiDAR tech innovator joins Advisory Board

Omer Kailef, CEO of Innoviz Technologies, is a guest speaker at AutoSens Detroit and member of the AutoSens Advisory Board.

The AutoSens Advisory Board supports the development of our content production and strategies to ensure what we are doing is relevant and timely.

Doing this gives us access to the brightest minds and sharpest insights, and helps us foster a strong spirit of collaboration in sharing the best possible content across the vehicle perception industry.

Omer Keilaf is CEO of Innoviz Technologies, one of a growing cluster of specialist technology providers emerging from Israel.  As well as joining AutoSens Detroit as a guest speaker at our inaugural US event, Omer has agreed to join the AutoSens Advisory Board – and with that, we thought it best to pose some pressing questions…

What’s the most exciting technology change in industry you expect to see in 2017?

I believe that Sensor Fusion will be a key focus in 2017 as well as moving forward. The automotive industry clearly embraced the reality that a fusion comprised of 3 major sensors: LiDAR, Camera and Radar, is essential to ensuring and adhering to the required high safety standards.

How do you feel the industry can help resolve the shortage in skilled people?

The automotive industry has a long-standing reputation of a traditional industry and is thus, considered less hyped. The emergence of autonomous vehicles is paving the way for a revolution not only in the deliverance of this disruptive technology but more so in the public image of the entire automotive industry. A transition is literally unravelling in front of us and the automotive industry is re-branding as a disruptive and dynamic industry incorporating the newest technologies.

I believe that leveraging on this trend in order to create and solidify a more holistic innovation ecosystem, with strong ties between traditional OEMs and new emerging startups, will surely attract R&D talents and entrepreneurs.

What’s your opinion of Sense Media (our team, company and other products)? 

Unfortunately, we did not participate in last year’s conference. However, from our experience thus far I can certainly see a strong professional team, creating a unique platform for the automotive ecosystem to showcase and learn first hand of new technological trends and products.

Why did you decide to join the AutoSens Advisory Board?

LiDAR technology has emerged this year as a key player enabling autonomous driving. However, I strongly feel that there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding the essential requirements that are needed to turn this technology into a mass market solution.

I have a very extensive overview of different LiDAR products and technologies and gathering from our discussions with various stakeholders I feel that I can contribute to the creation of a simple set of guidelines that would better define and distinguish the “must have’s” in respect to LiDAR.

What are you most looking forward to at AutoSens in 2017?

AutoSens provides an optimal networking platform for all relevant stakeholders in the automotive industry. In addition, the conference allows to stay up to date with the latest developments in the sensors space. We are looking forward to be part of this amazing and important event and showcase Innoviz’s latest developments and technological advancements.

Same question… but in your personal life – a holiday, project or new hobby?

I enjoy spending time with my family travelling, hiking and discovering new places.

And finally, what would you tell people who are thinking about attending AutoSens 2017?

Sensors and sensor fusion serve as the crucial building block. Sensors are, in essence, the working tools to create add-on technologies, whether software or hardware based. There is a very strong correlation between this essential base platform and the grand outcome of additional autonomous enabled technologies. The stronger we make our “sensor” base, the more precise it is, technologically rich and advanced, the more we are able to guarantee a complete, safe and reliable autonomous vehicle.

Thus, AutoSens 2017 [in Detroit and Brussels] is one of the most important conferences in the automotive industry to get acquainted with the essential sensors that will enable the autonomous vehicle revolution.