Autonomous Vehicle Zone, curated by AutoSens, confirmed at The London Motor Show 2018

The London Motor Show (17-20 May 2018, London ExCeL) builds towards the future of automotive with new production partnership for 2018

The London Motor Show will work with organisers of autonomous vehicle technology event, AutoSens, to create a brand new feature at the expo reflecting the future of automotive industry.

AutoSens is the world’s most influential vehicle perception technology event, which has editions in Europe and the US, and is organised by Sense Media Group.  The company also runs Self Driving Track Days, an outreach and education-oriented event supporting technologists and engineers to develop skills for the next generation of autonomous vehicles.

“We are delighted to be working with the iconic London Motor Show,” said Robert Stead, Sense Media Group’s Managing Director.  “Our friends in the industry, from around the world, recognise that supporting the general public in understanding how cars will change in the future is an important step in this technology becoming mainstream.”

“As a company, our focus is bringing together vehicle technologists and sharing information, so having the audience platform of The London Motor Show is a tremendous opportunity for us to help support that. We are very excited to embark on this new production partnership with the team at The London Motor Show.”

The company will support development of hands-on interactive displays and experiences, celebrity-led panel discussions, driverless vehicles, technology demonstrations, and cutting edge exhibition features in the autonomous pavilion, working with key industry stakeholders to excite interest and provide background to the technologies and challenges to the public and press.

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