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FOCUS: The 5 Most Challenging Use Cases for In-Cabin Sensing

In-cabin technologies are a hot focus for automotive development and, in a previous FOCUS session, we explored the trends relating to what is driving this technology development, in terms of mandated safety standards and consumer demand. We will now build on those themes as we explore what the most challenging use-cases for in-cabin technology are and what solutions are being developed.

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In this FOCUS session, our invited experts explore the use cases that represent the biggest challenge for imaging and sensing technology. Broad lighting and environmental scenarios mean illumination, dynamic range, field of view and other factors are all tested to the limit. The most difficult use cases will need to be solved for OEMs to comply with future regulations and NCAP requirements. Our expert panel will identify the quick wins, and the long-term challenges for which solutions are yet to be developed.

The discussion aims to answer the questions:

  • What are the most challenging imaging scenarios in the cabin?
  • Are technologies that have been adopted in the past still fit for purpose?
  • Emerging applications require higher illumination, greater efficiency and improved design flexibility; can existing systems in the market provide this?
  • Are existing technologies evolving fast enough to adapt to market needs?
  • How can we adapt to changing architecture requirements?

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If you register to watch you’ll also receive a brief summary of the session’s key takeaways as PDF download

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Hear from:


Matt Everett
Director of Product Line Management, 3D Sensing

Junko Yoshida

Junko Yoshida
Editor in Chief
The Ojo-Yoshida Report


Pierre Cambou
Principal Analyst - Imaging
Photonics & Sensing Division, Yole

Mark Gerban

Mark Gerban
Digital Strategy Lead
Mercedes-Benz Operating System

Paul Wu

Paul Wu
Staff Marketing Manager – Automotive

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