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ADAS front camera development – Driven by one team spirit and innovations

LG Electronics introduced ADAS front camera reaching beyond the functional scope of conventional mono cameras.

Based on the close collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and LG Electronics, this camera leads to new innovations of Mercedes-Benz “Solo System”.

In this presentation, we will present technical and other challenges leading to new innovations and key success factors for the development.

  • Motivation for collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and LG Electronics
  • Technical and other challenges leading to new innovations.
  • Key success factors (Perception in wide Fov, sensor fusion, system, validation and etc.) for the most optimum yet comprehensive ADAS system.
  • Other behind stories (cultural, geographical and etc.)
Released on: November, 2021

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Hear from:

Youngkyung Park

Dr. Youngkyung Park
Vision AI Unit Leader

Benjamin Marx

Dr. Benjamin Marx
Project Leader Multi-Purpose Camera

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