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Dynamic Ground Truth – a core enabler for data driven ADAS / AD development and validation

The presentation gives an overview of a “real world data validation toolchain for ADAS / AD vehicle testing and validation” and describes the main aspects of such a toolchain which are:
• A High-precision sensor system with 360° FoV for an independent picture of the environment around the ego vehicle plus an adequate data logger for recording the data stream from the Reference system as well as the System under Test (sensor system of the vehicle).
• A Data management system that organizes / supports data-ingestion, (meta-) data management and statistical data analysis in the data center / IT-backbone.
• A perception algorithm that automatically detects, classifies and highly-accurate determines the position of the detected objects relative to the ego vehicle’s position

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Hear from:

armin engstle

Dr. Armin Engstle
Main Department Manager Dynamic Ground Truth System
AVL Software & Functions

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