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Expanded Imaging Processing Options, Widest Range of Total Automotive Sensing and Viewing Solutions

Adding to the current comprehensive automotive imaging solutions, OmniVision will demonstrate the latest imaging processing solutions, add flexibilities and possibilities for multi-cam architectures across different viewing and sensing applications, including ADAS, AD, RVC, SVS, DMS, and IMS.

. Next-generation automotive global shutter and Nyxel® powered sensor with IR+RGB dual processing and context switching capabilities.
. Industry’s first 8.3MP LFM & HDR sensors delivering premium performance on the advanced NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform.
. 140dB HDR, best LFM performance, along with the robust imaging processing power ? creating new possibilities for architectures throughout the car.

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Hear from:

Brian Pluckebaum Sr. Automotive Marketing Manager OmniVision TechnologiesMathew Arcoleo Staff Product Marketing Manager OmniVision Technologies

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