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FOCUS Session: 5 Critical Trends in In-Cabin Monitoring You Need to Understand


Development of in-cabin technologies for safety applications such as driver and occupant monitoring is closely linked to trends in mandated safety standards such as NCAP and consumer demand. Understanding how these drivers for innovation will map out can be a challenge for technology companies and OEMs alike. 

In this FOCUS session, our invited experts will give you brand new insight into the drivers for the growth in demand for in-cabin monitoring systems, the developments in regulatory efforts in the EU, how the industry is preparing to implement them and how the key players are positioned in this equation. 

The discussion will focus on 5 key areas:  

  1. New research on consumer perceptions and demands from in-cabin safety technologies 
  2. How will international safety standards evolve and what impact does this have for technology developers? 
  3. DMS is first to be specifically mandated, but isn’t OMS the end-game? 
  4. What OEM features and products are on the market and what has been announced? 
  5. Where are the missing pieces of enabling technology required to meet long term OMS objectives? 

BONUS: The latest consumer survey on the increasing importance of in-vehicle safety and personalization systems from Xperi is available as a free download, just register for the session to access this detailed report. 

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Hear from:

Rikard Fredriksson
Senior Advisor, Swedish Transport Administration and Chair
EuroNCAP Occupant State Working group 

Junko Yoshida
Editor in Chief
The Ojo-Yoshida Report

Colin Barnden
Principal Analyst
Semicast Research

Ashruf El-Dinary
Senior Vice President of Engineering, Digital Platforms


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