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FOCUS: Addressing 5 key challenges for autonomous vehicle simulation  

It is widely accepted that simulation is a necessity to achieve the safe validation of high level ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies. Current simulation capabilities are worlds apart from just a few short years ago. But what are the remaining challenges? How might they be resolved? 

Watch this session to understand…

  • A digital twin is required for the vehicle, the virtual world and the ego vehicle including all (relevant) components, but how detailed does this need to be?  
  • How correlated to reality does sensor simulation need to be? 
  • Can we run massive simulations on the cloud to gain insight into performance? 
  • Is it possible to “turn on a switch” and let an optimization program determine the best design? 
  • Can we find critical scenarios (edge cases) without driving millions of miles? 

We brought together an expert line-up of speakers and panellists to address these challenges.

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Hear from:

Honghao Tan

Honghao Tan
Principal Engineer

Changan US R&D Center  

Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun
Professor of Physics
University of Applied Sciences, Duesseldorf

Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 12.45.57_tony

Tony Gioutsos
Director Portfolio Development for Autonomous Americas
Siemens Digital Industries Software  

Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips
Team Lead
Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mark Yerdon Photo

Mark Yerdon
Mechanical and Systems Engineer



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