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Panel discussion: Is deep learning here to stay?

Deep learning has led to remarkable progress in artificial intelligence and has significantly advanced performance across areas in vehicle perception. Will deep learning be central to the next stages of development or will the challenges of advanced AI and limitations of deep learning mean otherwise? Please note this panel was recorded under Chatham House rules.

Released on: November, 2021

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Hear from:

firas lethaus colour

Firas Lethaus
Head, Deep Learning Expert Center, Software Innovation Center, Data Lab
VW Group

danil prokhorov

Danil Prokhorov
Project Leader and Research Manager
Toyota Tech Center

jonathan horgan

Jonathan Horgan
Deep Learning and Computer Vision Architecture Manager/Valeo Senior Expert
Valeo Vision Systems

Szabolcs Fulop

Szabolcs Fulop
Director of Engineering
Xperi Corporation

Dominique_Bonte new

Moderated by Dominique Bonte
Managing Director and Vice President
ABI Research

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