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The Future of AVs Depends on Non-Stop Vision, Day & Night

Mr. Levi introduces VISDOM, an automotive-qualified eye-safe (class 1) Camera System with high-speed gated illumination. It can be mounted on the front windshield or integrated into the vehicle headlights, and comes in three configurations for multiple transportation sectors, including cars, trucks, light trains, buses, and robotaxis – offering a range of up to 300M, horizontal FOV from 16 to 60 degrees, and resolution from 800×480 to 2M pixels.

VISDOM enables optimal contrast, detection, and recognition required by leading automotive manufacturers and AI perception technologies.

Powered by proprietary GatedVision technology protected by 26 patents, VISDOM incorporates an extended-range imaging technology that produces high-contrast images from thousands of micro-exposures per frame with dynamic and variable range slices.

GatedVision technology provides a detailed and clear image by accumulating multiple range slices from varying depths into a single clear frame, and can perform background removal to improve contrast by enabling depth-slices of the scene.

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Hear from:

Eyal Levi Co-Founder Bright Way Vision

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