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Thermal Imaging: From Planck’s Law to ADAS Performance Improvement



Thermal imaging is a proven technology used for decades in many markets including defense, industry, and security. For ADAS it is gaining interest at a fast rate due to complementarity in advanced conditions with established sensor technologies. However, thermal imaging remains perceived as an expensive and niche technology. In this tutorial Lynred, a global leader in the thermal imaging sensor market, will demystify thermal imaging and will give you the keys to design your own system.
After a landscape of thermal imaging applications and position with current sensing technologies, you will learn the building blocks of a thermal camera, the physical laws to consider and metrics related. Fields will be radiometry, optics, microelectronic, Image Signal Processing, AI & fusion.
Those learnings will then be applied to estimate range detection on real use-cases like the future NHTSA PAEB rulemaking proposition or on your own.
As a recreational ending, you will be able to manipulate a thermal camera!

Hear from:

Gabriel Jobert
Application Engineer,


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