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From drowsiness monitoring to sleep prediction: a scalable architecture

A family of IPs, named PREDICTS, able to precisely predict in real-time the sleep onset of a subject through the analysis of few selected physiological parameters have been developed over the years, in order to run both on contact (wearable) and contactless (RADAR) systems.

A detailed validation phase run in different incremental steps with a relevant number of subjects on overnight tests and on the dynamic vehicle simulator at AVL (Graz).

Since PREDICTS is “sensor agnostic” a scalable and flexible architecture has been defined in order to successfully address both after-market and OEM applications.

A pilot application, combining a camera-based system and a wearable device on a fleet of heavy-duty trucks in collaboration with Garmin, who is providing the sensing technology, is in progress. It is among the first validations in the transport/logistics field.

In this talk, we will present the key concepts and the preliminary results.

Hear from:

Riccardo Groppo

Riccardo Groppo,
CEO & Founder,
Sleep Advice Technologies

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