Speakers in Brussels

Trail-blazing expert speakers at AutoWorld Brussels

AutoSens speakers represent the leading minds in the field of vehicle perception. Experts in robotics, computer vision, automotive electronics, digital imaging, functional safety and more, all have been invited specifically because of their vast experience, recent projects, and ability to shape the future of ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology.

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Speakers at Brussels 2018

  • Professor Christoph Stiller, Responsible of Research Area “Optical Systems” Group, Institute of Measurement & Control Systems, KIT
  • Michael Pont, Executive Director, SafeTTy Systems
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne, Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI) IWR
  • Philipp Hoffmann, Project Leader Interior Concept Research, Research, New Technologies and Innovation, BMW Group
  • Jack Weast, Sr. Principal Engineer and Chief Systems Architect of Autonomous Driving Solutions, Intel Corp.
  • Prof Dr Anestis Terzis, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Ulm University of Applied Sciences
  • Catherine Enright, Vision Fusion Software Team Manager, Valeo
  • Prof Albert Theuwissen, Founder, Harvest Imaging
  • Falk Howar, Professor for Software Engineering, TU Dortmund University
  • Mario Heide, General Manager, Europe, OmniVision
  • Henrik Lind, Chief Research Officer, Smart Eye – invited
  • Dr. Henning Lategahn, CEO, atlatec GmbH
  • Pier Paolo Porta, Business Development Senior Manager, Ambarella
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