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In mid 2016, the AutoSens team wanted to offer a focussed platform for automotive technology start-ups working with sensors.

We felt that while there were already amazing events all over the world for start-ups, and even start-ups working in the automotive sector, the high-technology nature of working within vehicle perception meant that these companies were simply swamped in other events, unable to connect with the very people and businesses they sought to do business with.

Our solution to this, was a special event feature for those start-ups – two delegate passes, a pitching slot, pop-up stand and video interview, as well as two days of interaction with exactly the right people across industry at our flagship event for vehicle perception – AutoSens.

We spent weeks carefully identifying and contacting these start-ups, and are looking forward to watching them grow and succeed through new business and engineering connections they have made, and watch them become influential market leaders, sending teams of people and taking major stands at our future events.

In our preparation for the Starting Grid feature coming up at our Detroit and Brussels events in 2017, we asked our start-up community from 2016 to tell us what they thought about their experience at AutoSens, and are very proud to provide below the unedited answers…

What convinced you to attend AutoSens?

CardioID: The timeliness of the theme and especially the topics to be addressed. Also, the level of companies in the sector, from which I highlighted the first-tier suppliers of the automotive industry.

YadoVR: AutoSens provides access to all key players in the ADAS scene, hence there was not much convincing needed.

XenomatiX: Our decision to attend to AutoSens 2016 in Brussels was based on the worldwide participation from OEM’s and Tier 1’s, as well as the topics lying in the heart of our core business.

What did you think of your AutoSens experience?

CardioID: Starting with the exceptional organization team, the pace of the presentations and the opportunity for companies that effectively work in the industry to get to know each other, exchange experiences and evaluate opportunities for future collaboration.

YadoVR had a great time, being able to introduce our dynamic & automated LIDAR Detection & Classification platform to the audience, so we had a more than wonderful and productive time

XenomatiX: We experienced AutoSens 2016 as very interesting and innovative in the lectures, efficient for networking and, both structured and flexible in the organization!  It was a great experience!

How did you feel about the value of your attendance?

CardioID: Our presence at the event was very timely. The overall conditions offered were satisfactory, either in the cost of participation in the event, and by the excellent support service to the participants such as facilities, meals and snacks served, space created for people to interact with each other, among others.

YadoVR: Needless to say that when having the right audience on premise, the value for money is priceless.

XenomatiX: As start-up company, we had the unique opportunity to enter the scene and felt integrated in the whole of the conference.  We had very good value for money.

How did AutoSens compare to other industry events you have attended?

CardioID: The right size of event is certainly the biggest differential. AutoSens has produced an event on the “human scale” in which each of the people present is able to interact with one another.

YadoVR: As said before, one of the best conferences we’ve attended, and we’ve attended many.

XenomatiX: Compared to other events, AutoSens 2016 distinguished through the high quality level of most presentations and the smooth, warm and welcome organization.

What would you tell other startups working on perception technologies about this event?

CardioID: The organization of AutoSens is sensitive to the currently moment of businesses in the automotive industry: large organizations interacting with small ones. I have no doubt in recommending the presence of start-ups that want to launch in the business, because they will have the opportunity of a unique interaction.

YadoVR: Preferably nothing much, as we would love to keep the audience as exclusive for us as possible 🙂

XenomatiX’ advice to other start-ups?  Place to be!

How do future AutoSens events figure in your future marketing and business plans?

CardioID: Our company would like to be present at other AutoSens events that take place in Europe, North America and also Asia. Our plan is to attend at least one of these events each year.

YadoVR: Count us in.

XenomatiX: We already requested a speaking opportunity for both AutoSens in Brussels and Detroit.  We’ll likely attend even if our paper is not selected…

How did your attendance at AutoSens change your business or product plans?

CardioID: It helped to improve it. How? We better understand the industry’s expectations and how to improve the market communication of our technology.

YadoVR: More then you could imagine. By now two semiconductor companies have closed a contract with us, as well as a very prestigious car manufacturer for which our platform, as it is hardware agnostic, will validate all data gathered from LIDAR sensors offered to them.

XenomatiX: Our attendance at AutoSens 2016 gave the start to more market exposure through conferences.  Today we are still in contact with a few of our AutoSens new contacts.

What’s the difference between your company in September and what will we see next time you are at AutoSens?

CardioID: Maturity in understanding our own business, how to operate and interact with the market.

YadoVR: In 2016 we were working on the positioning, and in 2017 YadoVR has found its place in the ADAS world, as the only fully automated and dynamic LIDAR detection and classification software platform.  I am very enthusiastic about AutoSens and you definitely will see us later this year.

XenomatiX: We are still working on product and brand recognition in the market.  In 2017, however, we are launching the new and revolutionary XenoLidar sensor to the market, true solid state, built on specs/requirements of leading industry and unique in its technological concept.

If you’re a start-up and interested our Starting Grid at AutoSens in 2017, find out more and get in touch…

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