Talk to us before AutoSens!

The team is increasingly busy in the final run up to the inaugural AutoSens conference, but we know it’s important to visit other events to ensure our finger is on the pulse of what’s happening around industry – so we’re sharing our schedule over the next three weeks in case our paths cross or you’d like to have a chat.

Date: Thursday 8th September 2016

Event: CCAV Research and Development Competition Briefing (fully booked).

What’s happening?: Rob Stead (Conference Director and Managing Director of Sense Media Events) and Alex Lawrence-Berkeley (Marketing Manager and Co-Founder of Self Driving Track Days) will be at the pitching event to present proposals into the upcoming funding contest.  Please use the event meeting-mojo app to book a meeting!

Date: Tuesday 14th September 2016

Event: Low Carbon Vehicles 2016, Millbrook (register now for free)

What’s happening?: Rob Stead, Alex Lawrence-Berkeley and Lina Alousta (Business Development Manager) will be attending the UK’s largest LCV event all day.

Date: Friday 16th September 2016

Event: Self Driving Track Days Meetup, Google Campus London (register now for free)

What’s happening?: Rob Stead and Alex Lawrence-Berkeley will be on-site from 12pm-2pm for the first gathering of folks interested in working on or with driverless technologies, in the run up to Europe’s first dedicated series of test track events for autonomous vehicles.

Date: Monday 19th September 2016

Event: Autonomous Vehicles Consortia Building Event, Loughborough (register now for free)

What’s happening?: Alex Lawrence-Berkeley will be attending, representing Sense Media Event’s AutoSens and Self Driving Track Day project proposals, following up pitches presented on September 8th.

Email or call us if you’d like to grab some time at any of these events.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in Brussels. And if you have not registered yet, please do so as ticket availability will become limited close to the event.