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Selecting the right sensor specifications to attain the expected in-cabin application experience

Image sensors remain the leading sensing solution for automotive ADAS applications. While driver monitoring, in the NIR spectrum has already gained a lot of attraction in the recent past, new applications such as occupant sensing are possible when combining NIR and visible video in the same sensor. Application challenges exist such as high temperature operation, high contrast scenes, and low light operation that are greatly affected by pixel parameters.

In this presentation we shine the spotlight on the key sensor specifications to generate the expected end user experience. In some cases, the right tradeoff between MTF and QE or NIR QE versus Color Accuracy must be found. Other requirements like color HDR, low dark current, SNR at high temperatures and the effects of PLS must not be compromised. The importance and details of these parameters are often mis-understood and not connected back to the overall application.

Hear from:

Charles Kingston
Senior Imaging Application Development Engineer
ST Microelectronics

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