InCabin Phoenix

15-17 MARCH 2023

A new event and community for engineers working on safety, comfort and productivity solutions for current and future in-cabin applications.

Training Academy

AutoSens Academy is the world’s only expert-led online training programme for automotive vision specialists, equiping the industry with the knowledge and skills to deliver world-class ADAS and AV solutions.

AutoSens Awards

Celebrating the best and brightest working at the cutting-edge of innovation in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. Presented at AutoSens Brussels.

AutoSens - Connecting the Vehicle Perception Industry

AutoSens is the world’s leading community for ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology development. We create best-in-class events, training, information and analysis; to connect engineers and scientists across the globe. Our aim is to support and upskill the automotive engineering community in advancing safety technologies to save lives.

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FOCUS: 5 trends that will define the automotive cabin, as a third space

1 DECEMBER  2022  |  4PM GMT