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Celebrating the best and brightest working at the cutting-edge of innovation in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology.


Let's celebrate

Following the success of last year’s online Awards, we were back and streamed live with a whole new set of categories to recognise achievement and creativity in our Community.

The winners have been revealed after some careful deliberation from our team of expert judges. Plus the ‘Most Exciting Start-Up’ was decided by a live vote during the ceremony. 

The 2021 Shortlist

2020 Vision Award

  • Luis Dussan, CTO and Founder, AEye
  • Ofer David, CEO and Co-Founder, BrightWayVision
  • Dataspeed Team of Engineers
  • Engineering team at Valens
  • MPC team from Mercedes-Benz and LG Electronics

Best in Class Software for Perception Systems

  • Eos Embedded Perception Software, from Algolux
  • Cognata’s Simulation Platform
  • Eyeris’ Monocular 3D Algorithms
  • CoDriver from Jungo
  • SVNet by StradVision

Hardware Development of the Year

  • Cipia-FS10
  • LGE Front Multi Purpose Camera
  • OAX4000 from OmniVision
  • SEDAR by TriEye
  • Xeno-LiDAR-X from XenomatiX

Most Exciting Start-Up

Voted for LIVE

Opsys Technologies

Opsys is a LiDAR startup from Israel that launched its first prototype last year at CES 2020. In less than 2 years from this initial launch, the team has done exceptional work launching a new sensor. The startup received investment from Hyundai and signed partnerships with multiple Tier 1 around the globe. Pure Solid-State LiDAR technology will provide the highest level of safety and reliability for our society.

Scantinel Photonics

Scantinel is devoted in the development of next-generation solid-state LiDAR sensors, focusing on using its proprietary FMCW LiDAR technology to provide new dimensions of data information. Scantinel’s FMCW LiDAR adopts a wavelength of 1550 nanometers, is equipped with its in-house OEA™ system and a detection range of more than 300 meters. The high integration of the system on silicon photonics creates a scalable solution with a competitive cost target.

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI is building vision solutions with fast reaction times and up to 10,000x more energy efficiency than conventional solutions. We are using neuromorphic vision in ADAS scenarios. We are the first startup in the UK to test these capabilities with CAM Testbed UK, a network of testbeds specialised in testing solutions in controlled, real-world scenarios. This work is done as part of the CAM Scale-Up Programme delivered by Zenzic and Plug and Play.

Steradian Semiconductors

Steradian is a product based vertically integrated company focusing on 4D Imaging Radars. The product encompasses a state-of-the-art Transceiver with FMCW modulation capability in TSMC 28nm CMOS process and a proprietary radar signal processing software stack to generate readily integrable point cloud and tracked objects for sensor fusion. Steradian has developed the World’s most compact 28nm CMOS Milli-meter wave Imaging Radar chips (SVR4410 and SVR4414) to power their 4D Sensors.  


obsurver is a start-up that wants to deliver ‘True Safety’ in ADAS via a patented system ‘watchdog’ to detect and mitigate sensor degradation. obsurver is an automotive safety protocol that ensures ADAS sensor systems are performing at the required level, and provides warning if they are not. This consists of an end-to-end solution to link critical sensor performance parameters with the functional domain. obsurver’s patented ‘true safety’ approach can be implemented with both an on-the-fly monitoring approach, and workshop-based test protocol.

Most Innovative Application or Deployment of Computer Vision

  • Cognata’s Validation Suite
  • Eyeris’ Monocular 3D Algorithm
  • Thermal Ranger from Owl AI
  • DTS AutoSense from Xperi

Most Novel Research

  • Neural Auto Exposure for High-Dynamic Range Object Detection, by Algolux
  • End-to-end High Dynamic Range Camera Pipeline Optimization, by Algolux
  • Research on Advanced Next-Gen Automotive Networking Systems and Electrical Architecture, by Ajeya Gupta
  • Research of novel processes and metrics to link the optical quality of camera sensors to the performance of AI algorithms prevalent in ADAS/AD, by Professor Alexander Braun

Judging Panel

Wende Zhang

Technical Fellow
General Motors

Divya Agarwal

Robotics Engineer

Robin Jenkin

Principal Image Quality Engineer

Shashank Dabral

Architect / Systems Lead – Imaging and Automotive/ADAS applications
Texas Instruments

Abhay Rai

Senior Vice President
indie Semiconductor

Sven Fleck


Previous Award Winners

2021 Award Categories

2020 Vision Award

Are you a part of, or do you know a visionary team of engineers? This award goes to those inspiring progress throughout the vehicle perception ecosystem.

This award is aimed at Teams who are shaping the industry in a big way right now, and whose impact will last for years to come. Their 2020 Vision is our inspiration for the future.

Most Exciting Start-Up

Recognising a genuine intent to create a business, change the world and be known as a force for change in a single small company of motivated, passionate people. Voted on live at the online ceremony.

The award for the most exciting startup is open to all young companies under 2 years old (as of 01/01/2021) that are “one to watch”, having created a dynamic business model with the potential to make a seismic change.

Most Innovative Application or Deployment of Computer Vision

Recognising teams or companies that have applied computer vision technology to automotive, in a way that is set to change the industry and make cars safer. This Award will be awarded to the most innovative use of CV that has been demonstrated in action and that it is set to truly disrupt the status quo.

Open to all applications of computer vision in automotive, ADAS and autonomous driving, either in development or production, including deep learning and AI applications.

Most Novel Research

Highlighting the exceptional work across not only academia, but also in research organisations throughout the automotive supply chain. This award will go to a team or individual doing research that is making a significant impact in the technical community.

The novel research award is open to all stand-out research projects and programmes ongoing in 2021 that are seeking to find and share new understanding, ideas and knowledge.

Best in Class Software for Perception Systems

Recognising the best in class software for vehicle perception systems. Software pervades all parts of the perception technology ecosystem, this Award will be won by a truly innovative software-based solution that is augmenting perception capabilities.

This award will recognise the best software available for use in the development of perception systems or within the system itself. Submissions must be for commercialised products, not concepts.

Hardware Development of the Year

The stand-out hardware innovation of the last 12 months, from sensors to processors, optics or other physical components critical to the operation of ADAS or AV perception systems.

This award will recognise the best sensor, processor or other hardware innovation that will further the autonomous vehicle development. Submissions must be for commercialised products, not concepts.