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Be part of an agenda packed with the latest technical insights from experts and academics working in ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems from around the world.

Submit your abstract for InCabin Brussels by 25 March 2023

Call for papers is open

Both the AutoSens and InCabin audiences are thirsty for technology and getting insights into the latest developments in research. We will want to hear from you if you have a case study, research outcome or innovation win you want to share.

We are now accepting abstracts for AutoSens Detroit 2023. Please scroll down to submit via the form at the bottom of the page.

Speaker at AutoSens Brussels 2022

AutoSens Topics

AutoSens Detroit | Huntington Place, Detroit | 9-11 May 2023

We will be looking for technical presentations in the following specific areas and more relating to improving exterior vehicle perception in ADAS and AVs:

  • Innovations in RADAR
  • Vision System Developments
  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Improving Image Quality
  • Simulation and Validation
  • Innovations in LiDAR
  • Mapping and localisation challenges
  • Big data and synthetic data developments
  • Functional safety

InCabin Topics

InCabin Phoenix | Scottsdale, Arizona | 15-17 March 2023

We are no longer accepting abstracts for Phoenix but will soon for InCabin Brussels. We are interested in topics relating to:

  • Interior monitoring sensor developments and system integration
  • Commercial drivers for OMS/DMS
  • Challenges of testing, verification and validation
  • Embedded system optimisation
  • HMI considerations and standards
  • Human Factors Science
  • Algorithmic challenges and interpretation of in-cabin signals
  • NCAP requirements and other legislation and standardisation
  • Data quality requirements
  • System performance metrics

Submit your abstract for AutoSens Detroit 2023

Helpful tips to consider before submitting your abstract:

  • Make it clear what the proposed presentation will cover
  • Abstracts shouldn’t be too general, for technical presentations please indicate what research, results, industry applications, examples you will be including in your presentation
  • Consider what the key take aways for delegates will be
  • Think about the presentation title and don’t include product or company names
  • If you are a supplier consider doing a joint presentation with a client
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