About AutoSens
The world’s leading community for ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology development.

What do we do?

We deliver best in class events, training, information and analysis. Our main aim is to connect engineers and scientists from across the globe, to accelerate technology development and commercial deployment of automotive safety systems.

As ADAS improves at a rapid rate and autonomous vehicles edge closer to mainstream production, it is more important than ever for engineers and scientists to raise their heads and participate in industry-wide knowledge sharing and discussion. 


Broaden your horizons and connections at our technical conferences and Awards ceremony – in-person and online.


Enhance your knowledge with our world-class online ADAS training course, led by expert tutors.


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Our Story

Built on the vision of senior technical experts at automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and delivered by experts with a passion for engineering, AutoSens is the world’s leading technical community for ADAS and autonomous vehicle perception technology.

Training Modules

AutoSens Advisors

AutoSens conferences, training and research offerings are curated by a team of technical experts, representative of the full supply chain from OEMs to academia, and market tested with engineers to ensure what we deliver is current and relevant for the audience.