AutoSens Advisors
AutoSens is curated by a team of technical experts, representative of the full supply chain from OEMs to academia, and market tested with engineers to ensure what we deliver is at the cutting edge of our industry.

Dr. Kevin Lu​

Chief Engineer – Cameras


Raj Vazirani​

Director of Engineering Radar, Camera and Global HW, Global ADAS

ZF Active Safety

Prof. Patrick Denny​

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence

University of Limerick

Divya Agarwal​

Robotics Engineer


Simon Verghese​

Director Sensor Systems


Maher Ghneim​

Senior Autonomous Sensors Product Development Lead Engineer

Ford Motor Company

Dr Hadj. Hamma Tadjine​

Business Development & Projects


Dr Wende Zhang​

Technical Fellow

General Motors

Shashank Dabral​

Lead ADAS Platform Architect


John Casey​

VP and General Manager

GEO Semiconductor

Martin Punke​

Head of Camera Sensor Technology


Prof. Albert Theuwissen​


Harvest Imaging

Dr. Sven Fleck​

Managing Director


Rudy Burger​

Managing Partner

Woodside Capital Partners

Dr Anestis Terzis​


University of Applied Sciences Ulm

Riccardo Mariani​

VP Industry Safety


Duong-Van Nguyen​

Head of ADAS

Panasonic Automotive Europe

Benjamin May​



Andy Lewin​

Group Leader for Active Safety, ADAS

Jaguar Landrover

Dr Goksel Dedeoglu​

Founder and CEO


Phil Magney​

Founder and Principal Analyst

VSI Labs

Håkan Sivencrona​

Safety Officer


Prof. Alexander Braun​

Professor of Physics

Duesseldorf University of Applied Science

Senthil Yogamani​

Principal Engineer


Juergen Hoellisch​


Hoellisch Consulting GmbH

Juergen has an extensive success record in Application, Sales, Product Definition, Business Management and Product Marketing including set-up and management of offices around the world. He is a Strategic Advisor and Executive Management Consultant to international OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers with special focus in Asia. He has a strategic Focus on Sensors technology (Radar, Ultrasonic, Camera and Lidar) and Sensor Fusion technology (Domain Controllers) for Autonomous Drive Level 2 to Level 5. Juergen’s key Application focus is: Driver Assistance Systems (Ultra Sonic Park Assist, Radar, Camera Systems), Infotainment, Autonomous Valet Parking, Cyber Security

Wilfried Philips

Scientific Lead Sensor Fusion

imec/Ghent University

Andy Hanvey

Director of Automotive Marketing


Siddartha Khastgir

Head of Verification and Validation, WMG

University of Warwick

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