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Impairment detection: an ethical debate

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Hear from:

Tal Krzypow
VP Product & Strategy,


Samantha Lee

Meili Technologies

Fabiano Ruaro
Product Manager for Interior Monitoring Systems,
Released on July 04, 2023

If we know someone is drunk driving, what is the correct ethical next step? Many respond that we should pull the car over, or don’t let them start the car. The challenge to this idea is what if the technology gets it wrong? What are the true determining measures of drunkenness? Is a BAC over .08 for one person an issue but not for another? And who is liable? If the system says they are not drunk and they are, who is responsible? and alternatively if it says they are drunk and they are not? What if they are driving someone to the hospital, or in a rural area with no one around and then need help?

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