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Achieving 10X Radar Performance Without Increasing Cost

Event: AutoSens Online
| Published: November 2021
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The industry was optimistic in its early projections of achieving full autonomy. However, several issues including lack of technology maturity and economic viability have now pushed this timeline out considerably. Zendar believes that the road to full autonomy should be based on a solid platform of reliable ADAS systems that can act as a springboard. In order for that to happen, the perception problem needs to be solved by developing a reliable 4D perception system that does not add to the overall cost of the vehicle. Zendar’s radar system is developed with that goal in mind.

Zendar’s approach to high resolution radar through transferring hardware complexity to software creates an opportunity to implement a superior radar based ADAS system without increasing
system cost. This presentation illustrates the unique architecture and techniques employed in this revolutionary radar system.

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